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    Women’s Fertility Herb: True Unicorn (Aletris farinosa)

    Women’s Fertility Herb: True Unicorn (Aletris farinosa)

    Stargrass, Blazing Star, True Unicorn… quite magical names for this wildflower with its tall, sturdy round stem from which a cluster of tiny, white urn-shaped flowers blossom. True Unicorn has been used for centuries in traditional medicine to support women’s fertility – reproductive health, including menstrual disorders and infertility. In native cultures, the herb was given to women with a history of miscarriage.

    Women’s Fertility Herb: True Unicorn (Aletris farinosa)

    True Unicorn is most commonly used with women who have a “weak uterus,” meaning they have very light menstrual flows or have anemia. This herb helps to tone and strengthen the uterus before pregnancy and is good for balancing hormones. It has been used to help women get pregnant and to help maintain healthy pregnancy. However, it has estrogenic properties and is not used during the course of pregnancy.

    Consult a Naturopathic Doctor

    When used by qualified practitioners, only very small doses are prescribed. Since there have not been any published human clinical trials on Aletris farinosa, clinicians base their recommendations on case studies and the long history of use in traditional medicine.

    By Dr. Maria Zangara ND, L.Ac, MIFHI

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