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    Weight and Genetics

    Weight and Genetics

    Weight Gain and your Genetics

    Obesity has reached epidemic proportions in our country, and we know many factors contribute to obesity, such as diet and lifestyle. We also know weight and genetics, as well as weight and microbiome, play a role in in the tendency to gain weight and the way our body takes in, stores and releases energy from food.

    Are your genes influencing the tendency to overeat or be physically inactive?

    Could genetics influence a diminished capacity to use fats as fuel or are you more predisposed to store body fat. Is your microbe population tipped toward obesity rather than leanness?

    Weight and Genetics – A few genes we can look at are:


    • FTO: it has the strongest genetic risk for obesity.
    • MC4R: associated with increased perception of snacking.
    • ABRD: Obesity increses with carb intake
    • FABP2 and SH2B1 : predisposes you to insulin resistance

    We can also look at your microbiome to look at the population of bacteriodes to fermicutes and overall diversity .

    Once we see how these genes are working and see how your microbiome population stacks up we can help tailor a nutritional plan and exercise program individualized just for you.


    Opus23 is a software program developed by Dr. Peter D’Adamo that interprets 23andMe raw genomic data. 23andMe is a service company that performs genomic analysis and reports their findings back to you. Opus23 then ‘translates’ the raw genetic data into clinically relevant and important infor­mation that Dr Maria Zangara can use to institute preventive or therapeutic actions.

    Please visit our Genetics and Personalized Healthcare page for more information about our OPUS23 program.

    Click here for Step-by-step instructions to follow if you would like an OPUS23 Consult (scroll to bottom of page). 

    Gut Restoration Program

    Learn more about our Gut Restoration Program on our Microbiome-Ubiome Analysis page.

    Call today to book an appointment with a naturopathic doctor to discuss your options.

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