Herbal medicine is the oldest form of medicine and is still used as primary care medicine by many people worldwide.

Naturopathic physicians are the only general practice trained physicians that learn herbal medicine in their medical school education.

Like nutritional supplements, not all herbs are safe or effective, therefore, knowing which herb and what quality to look for in herbal medicines is essential to making this therapy safe and effective.

The naturoaphic doctors at Regenerative Health Clinic can recommend specific, safe, and effective herbal medicines to help you with a variety of disorders.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbs have been used for centuries and are a part of the complete system of medicine, called traditional chinese medicine (TCM). Chinese herbs can be safe and effective when recommended by a skilled practitioner that uses GMP certified quality herbal products. At our clinics , we have practitioners that have studied, and have been using chinese herbal medicine to help patients with a multitude  of general healthcare concerns.

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