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    8 Ways to Enhance Fertility

    8 Ways to Enhance Fertility

    Both men and women describe infertility as heartbreaking, more stressful than losing a job or getting divorced. Across the United States, approximately 7.5 million women age 15 to 44 have an impaired ability to get pregnant or carry a pregnancy to term; about 5 million men have a fertility problem. Doctor Maria Zangara shares eight ways to enhance fertility naturally:

    Eight Ways to Enhance Fertility

    1. Nourish your endocrine system. Support the ovaries or testes, thyroid, and adrenal glands by eating organic, whole foods including nuts, seeds, fish, as well as foods high in vitamin C. Foods  rich in zinc, enhance male fertility and bolster a woman’s immune system.
    2. Avoid GMO containing foods and soy. GMO containing foods, as well as soy, which may have a negative effect on reproductive function in certain individuals. “It is important to avoid foods that are stressful to the body It dehydrates and depletes vital nutrients from the body.
    3. Make wise lifestyle choices. Forego high intensity exercises like hot yoga, Crossfit, marathon running, and triathlons. “Intense exercise puts the body into high stress mode. It sends the body the message that there is a lot of demand for resources and it is not a desirable time for pregnancy,” says Dr. Thompson. Opt for slow yoga, walking, swimming, and bicycling.
    4. Don’t smoke, as it decreases oxygen to tissues and affects the placenta. Avoid alcohol. Make time to meditate because it relaxes all nerve signals and allows the body to function better.
    5. Use quality nutritional supplements. There are herbs supports and tones the  uterus and minimizes possibility of miscarriage. There are natural supplements that helps maintain a healthy estrogen and progesterone balance, increasing chances of pregnancy, including pre-natal vitamins.
    6. Establish strong emotional supports. Stress. Anxiety. Fluctuating emotions: they increase cortisol production, which can affect the ability to become pregnant and also interfere with a baby’s development.
    7. Acupuncture could be a great additional treatment to help modulate the stress hormones, which can be done throughout the pregnancy.
    8. Support your spirituality. Whatever form your spirituality takes – attending church, participating with a nondenominational group, exploring nature, meditating, or being artistic – do something that takes you away from the daily to-do list and allows you to be fully engaged in the experience. This opens doors for new creative energies to come through, and creative energy is a big part of fertility.

    Get to know yourself and your needs – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

    By Dr. Maria Zangara ND, L.Ac, MIFHI

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