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    Do you ever wonder if the medications you’re taking are doing more harm than good?

    Do you ever wonder if the medications you’re taking are doing more harm than good?

    You’ve certainly seen those television commercials for drugs which mention more side effects than symptoms they can cure!

    The subject of pharmaceuticals is very complex. Not only what they work on, but how they work, differs dramatically from one class of drugs to another. It would be as unfair to say they are “all” dangerous, or “all” harmful, “all” the time, as it would be to say that they are “always” the smart way to go. That latter approach could make you feel like there’s no other approach, and that the medicine is there to pacify you by damping-down your symptoms, but not to actually help you become truly, and deeply, well.

    Yes, the subject of pharmaceuticals is very complex, and the truth about them lies somewhere in between the extremes.

    So what can we say for sure about drugs, and healing, and medicine?

    The truth is, often times, your body just needs some help to cure itself.

Chronic conditions such as digestive issues, respiratory conditions, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes and Parkinsons Disease, along with many others, often have a core cause that is lifestyle-related, and Dr. Maria Zangara, a Long Island and Connecticut naturopathic medicine specialist, can provide the health care you need to deal with these conditions, and alleviate your pain and suffering. 

You may be unfamiliar with naturopathic medicine, but its roots are very ancient. It is an approach to healthcare that uses natural, non-toxic therapies to treat your body as a whole, using the mind-body connection to encourage the self-healing process.

Dr. Zangara has years of experience treating a broad spectrum of health concerns for adults and adolescents. Licensed and board-certified in Naturopathic Medicine and Acupuncture, Dr. Zangara began her career in health care at the University of Bridgeport’s College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2008. Two years later, she benefitted from the tutelage of Dr. Peter D’Adamo at his newly founded Center of Excellence in Generative Medicine (COE) and realized the immense healing powers of this approach.

Natural therapies used by Dr. Zangara could include herbal preparations, dietary supplements, homeopathic remedies, physical therapy and acupuncture. She strongly believes that treating the body as a whole strengthens the immune system and empowers it to ward off illness. 

Dr. Zangara continues to practice at the COE in CT, and at her office in East Setauket, Long Island. She believes, and science teaches, that each person is unique and unrepeatable. Dr. Zangara will work with you to create a truly individualized and personalized treatment plan that will include a combination of diet, supplementation, detoxification and lifestyle recommendations to improve your body’s ability to maintain wellness. She is skilled at treating both chronic and acute illnesses through naturopathic means, and maintains a special clinical interest in digestive, autoimmune and endocrine disorders.

Maria enjoys educating her patients and counseling them on the prevention of disease and the promotion of healthy living. She treats her patients with respect, compassion and care and is committed to ensuring that they are supported on their journey towards optimized health. She believes that the journey to health is a partnership between patient and practitioner, and she would be both honored and delighted to show you how to unlock the power of healing that lies within you.

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