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    Detox with a Doctor this Spring – Detox Packages at Regenerative Health Clinic

    Detox with a Doctor this Spring – Detox Packages at Regenerative Health Clinic

    It’s spring, the time of year when the natural world around us wakes with those first magical blossoms regenerate anew. This is also the best time for personal regeneration as well. Warmer weather offers us the opportunity to eat lighter, fresher meals and feel energized by being outdoors and active. Detox with a doctor for the best results if you are considering a spring cleanse.

    Springtime Detox with a Doctor and a Medical Cleanse

    A fantastic way to bring a new fresh start to your health and wellbeing during this season of change is… a medicinal cleanse.

    What is it? Detoxification is the process by which the body eliminates excess hormones and other chemicals made inside your body, drugs (which can be pharmaceuticals and recreational!), environmental pollutants, toxins in our water and food additives you ingest daily.

    The drainage and elimination organs are responsible for helping the body maintain balance due to toxic overload. We may think the main detoxification organ is the liver, but  there are many other avenues to aid the body in draining and eliminating toxins including your blood and lymphatic system (an entire circulatory system that runs next to your veins and arteries and carries fluid other than blood), skin, sweat glands, kidneys, lungs, spleen, and colon. In fact, the microbes living inside your digestive tract play a role in breaking down and removing toxic substances from the body!

    Is Your Body Healthy Enough to Detox?

    The question most people are surprised to hear is: “Is your body healthy enough to detox?”

    Most of us are NOT ready, which is why people often report feeling awful when they try detoxing.  If our body’s natural elimination systems aren’t ALL functioning optimally, we end up moving toxins from one place to another, instead of eliminating them properly.

    Smooth sailing for your body’s detoxification processes requires many essential “cofactors” that act as helpers to aid the biochemical processes of elimination. These are often specific vitamins or minerals. If you lack the cofactors, you will end up building up MORE toxins as you try to force your body to do a job it doesn’t have the tools for!

    Before deciding on any detox , make sure you figure out if your body is up to the task. What’s the best plan?

    Doctor Supervised Detox

    Dr Maria Zangara Naturoapthic Doctor Regenerative Health ClinicAnyone planning to attempt to kick start their body’s detox processes should be under the supervision of a doctor who will assess your body’s readiness, provide a comprehensive plan, and give support along the way.

    Naturopathic physicians are the best choice here as we are trained specifically to first eliminate any “obstacles to cure” (can be toxins or other factors such as diet, stress, etc), give the system what it needs to heal (nutrients, herbal support, vitamins, minerals, etc),

    It’s important to avoid any plan that leaves you hungry for a long period of time. This can kick your body into survival mode and you may actually GAIN weight as your body tries to store more calories to combat starvation.

    Regenerative Health will choose the best plan to promote your Cleanse.

    Detox Package

    Our Detox Package includes:


    • 1-hour visit
    • the best food plan for your body while you are detoxing
    • the best food plan for when you come off detox.
    • What to do if you get the detox flu. 
    • A Body fat analysis  (BIA)
    • 1 complementary IR sauna treatment.

    Call today to book your detox package or set up an appointment with a naturopathic doctor to discuss a customized spring detox plan just for you – we can help!

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