Chemicals are everywhere.

Everything we taste or touch or smell is  chemical, in pure or combined form, because it is material. Even genetics, the core of what Dr Maria Zangara specializes in at the Center Of Excellence, is all about chemistry. Your genes are the working unit of your DNA, and your DNA is a chemical database with instructions on how to build and repair the matter that makes up ….. YOU!

What fosters health is to distinguish helpful from unhelpful chemicals, to enhance those which are good for us, and diminish those called toxins. Toxins are chemicals which cause damage to living organisms, often even in small amounts. These build up and create what is called a “body burden.” This toxic burden can lead to disease and dysfunction as carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, neurotoxins and instigators of birth defects or abnormal fetal development. Our livers, critical to life, are often the central organ harmed by toxins.

A custom detoxification program created just for you.

Dr Zangara will create an optimized, personalized detoxification at the COE that is systematic, scientific, and most of all individual. This will be nothing like the mass-marketed generic “detox” products you find at a health food store! Those are marketed to the masses. But you are not the masses. You are the unique YOU, and your detoxification program should mirror that.

The Science of Detoxification

The science of detoxification is the shedding of accumulated toxins and avoidance of further exposure so our bodies can operate at their purest and healthiest level.

How it Works

We will start with your Genotype  as determined by Dr. D’Adamo’s cutting-edge insight. Once your genetically determined blood-type and secretor status is determined, we will take a snapshot of your entire genetic profile using 23andMe, and reveal the full picture of your own genetic strengths and weaknesses.  Then, I will overlay your unique profile with Dr. D’Adamo’s groundbreaking state-of-the art genomic analysis program called OPUS 23.

OPUS 23  sorts the millions of genetic clues provided by 23andMe, streamlines them into a series of elegantly simple “maps” unique to you alone, and makes nutrigenomics suggestions which will allow me to craft a plan for the specific foods, food constituents, supplements and detoxification practices which will prompt your unique genetic profile to its best expression.

Because we are all human, some constituents of your OPUS 23 detoxification might be common, such as the use of a supplement to support your immune system, or to protect your liver, or IR Sauna therapy to prompt your detoxification to success. Other protocols will be quite unique to your own blood type, secretor status and genetic maps as optimized by OPUS 23. All will be targeted to one thing only: shedding your body of the toxic burden that holds you back from your best self.

An OPUS 23 based detoxification program can enhance what is best in your genetic profile, damp down what is unhelpful, and point you to the healthiest life of which you are capable. There is simply no other more powerful method on the market. Call us to make an appointment for your personalized analysis, today!

Simple 3 to 10 day detox

This uniqueness comes from a precise genetic heritage, shaped by all the internal and external influences that make up your life from conception onward.  No one else can recreate this pattern.  Singular and unique, you are unrepeatable in all the world.

Knowing this, shouldn’t ALL aspects of your health care, including the cleansing routines indispensable to health in today’s world, be as individual as you are?

At our clinics, we begin with your blood type, the genetic key that unlocks the deeper mystery of your individual genotype.  It is your genotype which in turn tells us what food “lectins” are harmful to you.

Lectins are protein fragments found in all foods, but varying in kind and amount from one food to another.  Lectins recognize and bind to sugars on the surface of cell membranes, causing those cells to agglutinate, or clump.

Because of your individual genotype, the food lectins harmful for you will not be the same as those for another person.  Some foods might be terrible for one person, but beneficial for another, and vice versa.   Even two people with the same disease (say, Celiac) might find their ideal diet to be very different, because their genotypes are. Your genotype is the “key” to knowing which foods are the very best for you.

You are YOUnique!

Time to Detox Tips for Detox from Regenerative Health Clinic

Based on your genotype and what it reveals about your lectin sensitivities, Dr. Zangara will choose the best protein-shake source to promote your cleanse, as well as the best fruits, vegetables, live foods, probiotics and more suited to your unique makeup and your unique digestive system.   Why not start learning more about you, today?

Basic pricing varies by length of your detox, and includes genotyping, program development, consultation, and ongoing guidance through the cleanse.  The cost of protein shakes and supplements are additional, and vary with the products chosen.

Make your cleanse count towards a healthier you.

3 Cleanses to Choose From

Quick 3-day cleanse

Extended 10-day cleanse

Special Holiday cleanse December-January

“I just want to be healthy.  I don’t want any chemicals in my life.” Have you heard someone else say this? Have you even said it yourself? To set up your consultation, call us today.