We are a full service naturopathic clinic offering a wide range of services.

Once we have an actual understanding of why you have the condition, we can treat to help resolve it using
3 Basic Tools: Diet, Supplementation, and Treatments

1. Diet

Diet is core, the foundation:  proper diet keeps the body healthy. Depending on the the state of disease there are weaknesses in the body and it needs help to get back to health – that is where supplements and treatments can help.

2. Supplementation

Supplements are concentrated nutrients. Whether as vitamins or herbs, supplements help the organs and tissues of the body repair and heal faster.

3. Treatments

Treatments clean the body and repair organs – the Regenerative Health team uses an array of treatments to clean and detoxify the body, and help strengthen weakened systems.

Dr Maria Zangara Naturoapthic Doctor Regenerative Health Clinic

We understand that optimal health care is more than just treating symptoms.
Our Goal is to:

    • Create a friendly and warm atmosphere for healing

    • Educate the public about naturopathic medicine and TCM

    • Treat our patients, customers, associates, vendors and colleagues with honesty, respect and humility

    • Provide the highest quality diagnostic procedures, management and dispensary products

    • Collaborate with other providers to provide optimal patient care

    • Address the root cause of disease with our patients

We offer individualized treatment plans to help you thrive in life on numerous levels. We offer women’s and men’s health services as well as pediatric care.