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Dr. Maria Zangara's Holistic Approach to Treatment

The essential key to optimum health lies in the adherence to what I refer to as the Four Pillars: Diet, Sleep, Movement, and Mindfulness. In my practice I embrace a comprehensive lifestyle approach to wellbeing. The four pillars need to maintain a state of balance; any one pillar not fully supported could impact your overall state of being.

Health Tips

  • Chromium: An Important Mineral For Health

    Chromium: An Important Mineral For Health

    Essential to overall health, the mineral Chromium supports our daily energy level; manages metabolism of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates; and helps our body maintain a stable blood sugar level. Chromium is commonly found in multivitamin/mineral formulas. However, some people can be deficient in chromium or have a health condition that can be improved by taking

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  • The Benefits of Squash – Acorn Squash

    The Benefits of Squash – Acorn Squash

    Acorn Squash What Does Acorn Squash look like? Acorn squash, also called winter squash, is known for its iconic autumn shape and vibrant green speckled-with-yellow color. Acorn squash provides an array of nutrients that support optimal health:   calcium potassium magnesium Each one of these nutrients is vital to many physiological processes including the formation

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